Thursday, January 3, 2008

First Checkup and Errand

Ariana's first checkup was today. She is a happy, healthy little girl! Besides a bit of trouble breastfeeding (nothing my midwife said a pump won't fix) she's doing wonderfully. Heart tones good, lung function good (tell me about it!), everything exactly the way it should be. :)

She also made her first trip to Target today! Though she had plenty of warm clothes, Justin and I realized as we were dressing her for the doctor that all of her 0-3 month old warm clothes swallowed her alive, so we went to pick her up some newborn sized items of coziness. :) Putting her in the car was a task; first of all, I was nervous because I've never put a two day old child in a carseat before. We finally (after about 20 minutes) got everyone in perfect place and situation when - yep - our car was dead. So we had to switch cars and then - yep - out of gas. Then we got stuck behind a funeral procession, which wasn't that big of a deal because I couldn't have been PAID to drive faster than about 35 anyway. We stuck to the side roads and avoided potholes like little green monsters were going to jump out of them and run us off the road. ;)

She slept the whole time we were at Target and got ogled over by just about every woman in the building. I enjoyed that more than she did. ;)

Ari discovered that she loves her daddy's chest. Laying on it while he talks and sings to her is probably her favorite activity in the whole world. Besides eating. Eating is good. :)

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