Monday, February 18, 2008

In Dallas!

Well, we made it to Dallas, though the journey was quite eventful! My Dad came down on Friday morning in his white cargo van he uses for work and we got our minivan out of impound. It wouldn't start and the latch to open the hood was broken, so we put it in neutral and pushed it with the cargo van a couple of miles down the highway to a Denny's and called a tow truck. When we got back home my Dad worked to get the battery recharged and we got it started by Saturday morning. We packed up my Dad's cargo van, the minivan, and our car to take the six of us (my Dad, Justin, me, Ariana, Toby, and Talsi) to Dallas. Because Justin had to work this week, he needed a car, and my Dad wanted to drive the van for a week to see if it was doing okay. About 2 miles after we left our apartment, the van died again! My dad ended up having to get a U-haul trailer to tow it home! We then discovered it was the fuel pump (which Justin had guessed at first, so he gets kudo man-points for that) which my Dad says he can fix. So my Dad's working on fixing our van this week, our dogs are confused because they had to ride all the way to Dallas (a seven hour trip) in the back of a tilted, being-towed van, Justin is all alone in Kingwood, and Ariana has decided she really likes her extended family!

Grandpa Joe loves singing to her and she loves singing back! Last night she just sat on his lap and stared at him as he sang. She is going to be so musical.

So far we're really enjoying this trip. Family members have taken random days off of work and my grandmother may even be flying in from Lubbock to see Ariana for a few days. I'm really going to enjoy this time and I'm glad everyone gets to see Ariana now for a few days.

I had better sign off, my mother-in-law should be here any minute to kidnap her granddaughter! ;) (In all fairness, she's taking me, too.) :)

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