Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New Definition of "Crappy Phone"

Well, Justin and I got fed up with it. Pending litigation with whoever is responsible for the loss of my phone, we decided that we simply couldn't be without a method of communication that didn't depend on our apartment complex's internet (which is about as reliable as their signature on packages). So we went to Wal-Mart and bought two of those $20 Go Phones (thanks to a very generous Wal-Mart gift card given to us by our neighbors) and, not expecting much, plugged in our SIM cards.

For not expecting much, I was not disappointed.

The screen (color!) is more old school than my first cell phone. It weighs so little I feel like I'm going to break it in half just holding it up to my ear. It doesn't even have a volume control. BUT, it makes and receives phone calls and even stores numbers (!) so you can call us now! Hip Hip, Hooray!

Seriously, though, it really was a blessing we were even able to get these phones and we are very grateful for them. :)

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